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High Net Connect Networking started online in early 2021 - as a free network of entrepreneurs and business founders -  the Facebook community has grown to almost 5, 000 members.

Over the year, we have originated millions of pounds of business together - and so I created a  members only area of seriously ambitious entrepreneurs who believe in the power of relationship before business. 

We meet online three times a month - and till now, we have focussed on business owners. If you would like to join the High Net Connect Entrepreneur Business Community - follow the link below to  to subscribe, to the BUSINESS COMMUNITY, the first month is free. No commitment.

New for 2022 - we are creating a devoted network for Executives & the main "Professions". Whilst the focus will be on high level business networking, we will also be bringing CPD opportunities and inspirational speakers relevant to you industry. We welcome all C-suite level and above Executives, all professionals from Medicine, Law, Finance, Education Sport, etc. Many of you will also be qualified to join the members clubs - which you can apply for in tandem with your networking membership. 

To get further information on how to get involved, please subscribe for free to the mailing list below to receive direct contact with regard to the new Executive & Professions networking. This will be sent out in the Spring.

Networking will be on and offline - details for 2022 in person events will be available soon on the EVENTS page.

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