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ROYAL AWARD WINNING CURATORS OF CHEMISTRY -Founded by Liz Baitson British Empire Medallist 


I founded High Net Connect to facilitate excellent and impactful  relationships for business, pleasure and philanthropy. 

I have been awarded the "British EMPIRE Medal" and was named in the 2023 "King's Birthday Honours List" for my services to Business and Entrepreneurs.

I have founded several businesses and have  a passion for 3 main areas:

  • Wealth Creation and Preservation

  • Philanthropy and impactful investment

  • Family and community 

Whilst my technical skills are in Mathematics, my passion is PEOPLE. I am a natural connection curator.


I became known for my stunning network in my business capacity, and decided to help others by connecting those who needed to find investors, business partners, team members & mentors - even curating the perfect social groups.

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Soon, the demand for my connection services became too large - so I decided the best way I could serve my community would be to create exclusive spaces SPECIFICALLY aimed at building, preserving, enjoying and sharing HIGH wealth through high level business networking and exclusive members clubs.

Our members are either High Net Worth Individuals, or are working towards this. 

"High Net" not only stands for High Net Worth

Its means High Calibre, High Ethics, High Integrity and High Compassion.

Wherever you are on your wealth journey - I have a home to support and delight you.

My mission is to hold spaces that open doors, allowing you opportunities to get involved in that which not only facilitate your continued success - but also bring you joy and fulfilment. 

Life is too precious to waste on the wrong people - let us curate some superb high quality chemistry for you.

At your service

 Liz Baitson BEM


Are you ready to join us?

Explore our two services - our Business community and our inner circle 

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