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The Vault


The VAULT club is for those who require the HIGHEST level of discretion.

This is ideal for you if you are an UHNWI, Family office or celebrity. You may be an active Philanthropist who wishes to remain anonymous.

We understand privacy is of the utmost importance to you.

We also understand that time is precious - so we will curate events that suit your lifestyle and needs.

We are so discreet - that we don't ever advertise Vault level events - they are small, intimate and bespoke. You will never be introduced to a service provider or another member without your full permission.

We focus our events around the three areas of Finance, Fun and Philanthropy - and hold space for you to be around people of a similar wealth status.

We also hold Gala events and have access to exclusive external events that we can extend to you as part of your membership. We have global partners that can extend our reach into all of high society.


There is no fee for The Vault level membership, but we do have a due diligence process to protect our members. To find out more, please enquire using the button below and our Founder, Liz Baitson will contact your directly with the next steps. You will receive a welcome pack and personal introduction to the High Net Connect Team.

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