We are a network devoted to HNWI/UHNWI & their families - as well as their service providers

We curate exclusive on & offline SPACES for business, fun & philanthropy in three distinct sectors 


For service providers who serve the HNWI  sector. You may be a business owner or entrepreneur with opportunities to share. You may provide a high end service  such as luxury travel or high level security.  This space  is to create a referral network with your peers as personal recommendation is the life blood of  working with this sector who require the very highest level of  service and discretion.​ As a VIP member you will also receive regular invites to mixer events with the INNER CIRCLE members below.


For HNWI and their families. You may be a HNWI, or member of a wealthy family. This space is for you to communicate with your peers in a safe space, for business  - fun and philanthropy. You will be able to socialise and mastermind with other HNWIs at exclusive invite only events, and we will also create mixer events for you to be offered opportunities by our VIP service providers. 


For those who must keep discretion to the highest levels.  You may be a celebrity or philanthropist, or perhaps you just prefer small intimate community with those who understand your need for anonymity. Opportunities for business, community and philanthropy are at the heart of all our events.

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